It was great to meet you and hopefully give you some valuable feedback! To keep my story as short as possible my daughter from the age of 14 wasn’t coping with school and found it difficult to make any friends! She was running away from home a lot! Self harming, smoking,taking drugs, hanging around with the wrong type of people! She tried to take her life a couple of times! We were referred to Camhs! They were useless! Blaming it on us as parents and not getting to the root of the problem!We had 3 social workers who didn’t really help the situation! She was first admitted to chalk hill hospital but as it was a open unit she was able to come and go as she pleased! And ended up overdosing! And then got admitted to the priory in ticehurst where she was diagnosed with mental health issues asd/adhd and was kept there up to 9 months! She is now 18 living independently but has her good days and bad days! She is now having therapy through st Mary’s house and is on mood stabilisers.