Welcome to Reflections Counselling,

My name is Silke. I am a fully qualified, dedicated therapist, experienced and passionate about working creatively with children from the age of four. Using elements of art and play therapy I draw on my extensive experience as a primary school counsellor. I aim to provide a safe, therapeutic environment in which your child can be themselves and speak freely. My approach is child-led and very gentle and your child sets the pace, enabling trust and a sense of control often lost when dealing with anxiety, parental separation, low-moods, anger or low self-esteem. Beginning to identify and work through difficult feelings, often for the first time, results in increased emotional balance and confidence. Having a confidential space to play, draw and talk without worrying about family/friends’ emotional response will help restore a more harmonious family life, leaving everyone less anxious and more in control.


I offer free telephone consultations as well as no obligation introductory sessions at half price so you and your child can get to know me before deciding whether to continue. I look forward to hearing from you soon.