Our Mission: To empower parents and families to make it normal to talk about mental health. To support those going through mental ill health

Holding Space

We are a not for profit community organisation with charitable purposes, providing support for parents, children and families. A safe space where you can connect, talk , share and be supported along your journey. A non judgemental place where you can know it’s okay to not be okay. Please reach out. We wish we had somewhere we could have turned to. So please connect so you are not alone on this road. 


Mental Health Support

Our groups are open to anyone who is concerned about
their own or their child’s mental health (of any age),
whether this be emotional, mental or behavioural problems.


A Safe Space

A safe space to share, connect and talk with others
who understand. No appointment necessary.


Drop in Sessions

Small, friendly confidential spaces
for parents and caregivers.


Support Groups

Face-face groups or 1:1 support.
All our groups are confidential.


Information & Education

Our facilitated groups are very parent led with
topics and discussion driven by those who attend.


Help for All

Access to support and interventions,
with or without a diagnosis

Range of Therapies

Access to a range of therapies,
interventions and workshops.



It’s not always easy to talk and share our concerns so you
can pop in just for a coffee with no pressure to share or talk.

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