About Us

We are a community organisation providing support for parents, children and families. A safe space where you can connect, talk , share and be supported along your journey. A non judgemental place where you can know it’s okay to not be okay. Please reach out. We wish we had somewhere we could have turned to. So please connect so you are not alone on this road. 

There is so much written about mental health and whilst awareness is getting better we still have a long way to go. We know there is a rise in mental ill health amongst children and teenagers yet the support is not available. Mental health can manifest in so many different ways – anxiety, depression, isolation, self-harming to name a few

What do you do when your once happy, care free child changes overnight and becomes angry, isolated, is withdrawn, shuts down from you? As a parent all you want to do is love and protect your child; you want them to have the best childhood, best life!

But what do you do when you shut the front door? There is no support; no one to help you or advice you. No one who can explain what is happening. We didn’t have the knowledge. We were just parents struggling day and night. Questioning ourselves everyday as to where we had gone wrong; what had we done wrong? And at the same time trying to support siblings and keep ourselves together, keep family life as normal as possible. We just wanted someone who could say – I get it. I understand. I know what you’re going through. I’m here for you; not necessarily have any answers. But just be there; listen and not judge…

Does this resonate with you? Is this you? your child? your family? Can you relate to these feelings; are you crying out for support? Someone who gets it. Someone you can talk to and who empathises because they too are going through it or have been. If so please get in touch.

This group is for families experiencing mental ill health; the whole family. Do you feel like you’re on a roller coaster; alone, lost, unsupported. This group is for anyone looking for support and information.To share your story. A safe space to be.


Hansa Raja-Jones

Founder of Holding Space

Hansa has 20 years’ experience in cancer nursing both at clinical level and strategic level. She also has experience of the charity sector having held the position of Operations Manager at Eastbourne Foodbank. Having spent all her career in the NHS Hansa has always had a passion for helping others and making a difference. Previous trustee and Vice Chair for TAMBA (Twins & Multiple Births Association)

Hansa has 3 children. In her spare time she enjoys reading and walking along the coast